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Diamond double-layer car mats with coil mats


The Diamond double-layer car mats with coil mats is a luxury product with excellent wear resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. The upper cushion is made of high quality plastic coil, and the bottom layer is made of high quality PU leather. The car floor mats have five colors of beige+beigecoffee, black+black, black+blackred, black+grey, coffeegold+coffee, and there are 7 pieces for one set. Car feet pads’ quality of workmanship is very good.

Item  Diamond double-layer car floor mats with coil mats
Logo  OEM/ODM accepted
Advantages  No skid, wear resistant, no smell, environment friendly
Positive  Full set, car floor
No. of Mats  7PCS for one set
Driving hand  Left driving hand
Seats of car model  5 or 7 seats accepted
Material  PU leather+high quality plastic coil
Place of Origin  Hebei, China
Delivery time  less than 1,000 sets within 5 days

Installation Notes

1. Before installation, please take out the original car mat and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Push the seat back, and put in the light-weight exclusive pedals in order of the main driving piece, the assistant driving piece, and the rear seat piece.

If the back seat is "one piece": Please pave it directly.

If the back seat is "three-piece type": Please pave the middle piece first> then install the left and right pieces in order.

If the rear seat is "rail type": Please install the pieces in order, and push the pieces under the track> After installation, the seat can still slide freely on the track.

3. Fix the original hook and the mat buckle to each other.

4. Check whether the pedal is tightly fitted after installation, does not slip, and does not affect the throttle.

5. Adjust the seat back to an appropriate position to block dirt and provide comprehensive protection.

Please note: Please take out the original car mats before installation. It is forbidden to put multiple mats under the special car mats!

Because this product has been measured by high-tech, the size perfectly fits the car chassis, even if the bottom layer increases a little thickness, it will affect the tightness.

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