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3D single layer luxury car mats


The 3D single layer car mats is a luxury product with excellent wear resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. The car floor mats is a new design of 2021, there are three colors for your choice, as beige, black, coffee. There are three pieces for one set. The car feet pads’ quality of workmanship is very good.

Item  3D single layer car mats
Logo  OEM/ODM accepted
Advantages  Anti-slip, skid, wear resistant, no smell, environment friendly
Positive  Car floor
No. of Mats  3PCS for one set
Driving hand  Left driving hand
Car seats  5 or 7 seats accepted
Main Material  PU leather+XPE
Place of Origin  Hebei, China
Delivery time  Less than 1,000 sets within 5 days

How to choose a 3D foot pad

1. Look at its cost performance
First of all, the quality of 3D car floor mats is not measured by price. Some floor mats may be available at very low prices, but some unscrupulous merchants will demand high prices to deceive consumers. In order to avoid this, you can compare the prices of several foot pads from different merchants.

2. Pay attention to its weight.
The weight of the foot pad is not the lighter the better, of course, it is not the heavier the better, mainly depending on its material, the material is different, the weight is also different, and the wear resistance and their respective characteristics and functions are different. For example, the PVC foot pads on the market are relatively bulky and suitable for the best.

3. Pay attention to its anti-slip effect.
Anti-slip is the most basic and practical function of the foot pad. The 3D foot pad is also the principle. When purchasing, you must choose a buckle. The effect of non-shifting can ensure driving safety.

4. It depends on its three-dimensional effect.
Why is it called a 3D car mat? Because this is the biggest feature of a 3D car mat. In the case of a suitable car, the three-dimensional effect of the mat is of course the better.

5. It depends on its thickness.
The standard foot pad thicknesses in the market are: 2MM, 5MM, 7MM, 1CM. The thicker the foot pad, the more wear-resistant and durable the foot pad. Thicker is of course more expensive, and the thicker is not the better. The most important thing is to fit the car. The best is tailor-made for your car. If you buy a very thick foot pad, it will affect the gift box, brakes, and accelerator, and there will be hidden dangers of insecurity. Therefore, after installing the foot pad, be sure to try it to see if it will cause driving inconvenience. If it is inconvenient, you can change it, remember that safety is always the first.

6. Pay attention to its docile effect.
Because the foot pads produced by different car foot pad manufacturers have different compliance effects, you must pay attention to the compliance effect.

7. Use effect
The last point, depends on its use after installation.

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